Banking on Digital Growth
Banking on Digital Growth

Episode · 6 months ago

189) #ExponentialInsights - Breaking the Bad Habits of Strategic Planning


Failure to carry out a plan in an organization is often caused by a lack of understanding.

Many companies are limited by operating in silos that don’t have a shared outlook.

If people don’t grasp the meaning behind change then they won’t fully embrace it.

Independent systems need to come together to break the constraints that bind them and build a true vision of sustainability for institutions.

We need to evolve our view of strategic planning.

I sat down with Todd Feldman, founder and president of Rocket Factory, so he could share his thoughts on missteps in strategic planning and how we can bring systems together.

Join us as we discuss:

- Aligning mental models across corporate branches

- Breaking bad habits in strategic planning

- Combatting fear of change

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