Banking on Digital Growth
Banking on Digital Growth

Episode · 1 year ago

7) #InsideDigitalGrowth: 3 Ways to Help Guide Customers Through Their Post- Covid Financial Struggle


These are challenging times for all of us. 

Unemployment numbers are devastating. 

Your account holders’ finances very well may be affected, as they struggle to adapt to a Post-Covid world.

People are going to remember how you treat them during this time of their greatest need. 

What strategies do you have in place to connect with your customers as they adjust to life after Covid-19? Help them along their financial journey with empathy and hope by implementing a few key changes!

What we talked about:
-The stresses customers are under in a post-Covid world

-Adding a few simple items to your marketing plan can make a big impact

-Opportunities for your financial brand to help and inspire hope

-The Five Stages of Grief: An Examination of the Kubler-Ross Model


-The 8-Step Process for Leading Change


This episode is hosted by James Robert Lay  Founder and CEO at Digital Growth Institute

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