Banking on Digital Growth
Banking on Digital Growth

Episode · 1 year ago

5) #ExponentialInsights: How Will Banking Adjust to Life After Covid-19? w/ Brett King


In today’s episode, I talked to Founder and Executive Chairman of Moven, Brett King, to discuss the evolving role of AI in finance as the world is impacted by pandemic. 

We dive into this topic by revisiting how the banking industry answered the call for modernization as technology soared in 2012, looking at ways for financial brands to once again adapt as individuals and businesses learn to navigate a Covid-19 world.

I share insights into the evolving structure solutions financial brands will be contemplating as the demand for off-site banking develops in an uncertain time.

The key insights in this episode, include:

-The past and current state of digital banking

-How AI will bolster the banking industry in a Covid19 world 

-Brett King’s upcoming book, “The Rise of Techno Socialism”

This episode is hosted by James Robert Lay  Founder and CEO at Digital Growth Institute

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