Banking on Digital Growth
Banking on Digital Growth

Episode · 1 year ago

27) #ByTheBook: A Digital Experience: Marketing to People in the Age of AI


We're living in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, The Age of AI.

In this age, we'll see a massive shift towards one-to-one messaging. The financial brands that excel will be the ones that can communicate at scale through a one-to-one perspective.

On this 27th episode of the Banking on Digital podcast, host James Robert Lay shares insights about banking in the age of AI from his bestselling book, Banking on Digital Growth: The Strategic Marketing Manifesto to Transform Financial Brands.

James discusses:

-The 3 things that happen when we think about a digital experience

-The 4 key areas of focus in the future

-What the future of banking will be about when it's not about dollars and cents

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