Banking on Digital Growth
Banking on Digital Growth

Episode · 1 year ago

17) #ExponentialInsights: Why You Need to Double Down on Content Now w/ Michael Bertini


There’s a lot of unease about marketing in the COVID-19 world.

But there really shouldn’t be. 

Content is king. It always has been. 

And your financial brand should be doubling down on it right now. 

To find out how, I invited Michael Bertini, Online Marketing Consultant & Search Strategies at iQuanti, onto this episode to share his insights into the content strategies that really work. 

We discuss:

-Why content is still king

-How to implement an agile content strategy (hint: freelancers)

-Why there are no tricks, secret sauces or golden eggs

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Everybody's always looking for thesecret sauce and the bowlding news and, like you know, the nexbest InionSicespread, I content hasn't changed. Hontin has always been king. Relevantcontent has always been kang. Quality constient has always been king. It justhasn't changed. You were listening to banking ondigital growth, with James Robert Lay, a podcassa in powers, financial brandmarketing sales and leadership teams to maximize their digital growth potentialby generating ten times more loans and deposits. Today's episode is part ofthe exponential inside series, where James Robert Interviews, the industry'stop marketing sales and FINTEC leaders sharing practical wisdom toexponentially elevate you and your team. Let's get into the show greeting's in hello. I am James RobertLay and welcome to another episode of the banking on digial Browth podcast.Today's episode is part of the expinential insight series and I'mexcited to welcome Michael Bertini to the show, because he's doing a lot ofgood work right now, as the online marketing consultant search strategistsat I quanti Michael Welcome. Thank for adomy. You know right now. We are in avery interesting time. One of the things that I like to to know from youis: What are you working on right now? That's exciting, even amidst of all ofthis coven nineteen crisis, this healthcrisis, because what I see is next the opportunity for financial brands is thecove nineteen financial health crisis yeah. So from our perspective, it'sinteresting because, like when all this happens, everybody obviously freaks out.You know it's a a big panic right like what's going to go down. Are Peoplegoing to get laid off? Iquanity were fort we're very fortunate in the sensethat majority of our clients, our large enterprises and a lot of them are infinancial services, and so right now we at least from what we'reseeing is people are actually doubling down on content, I mean now thateverybody is remotelike, everybody, meaning all in extremes, pretty much avremote. I runs doubling down on contact right. So even though they're pullingback in some paid efforts, we've seen they're creating massive amounts ofcontent and doing a lot of pr for that content. So I would say like right now,at least what's new and exciting, that all of my conversations is you know,legal compliance seems before for a large enterprise takes. You know sixtwelve weeks to approve of a pieace going out now it's Lik within, liketwenty fo forty eight hours, we're having content being approved. You knowby L, nd C and saying yeat. Let's push it out, let's get as much consent as wecan out there to the market. So it's really good to hear you say thatbecause I can tell you from our world view and talking with differentfinancial brands. I've heard some...

...concerns from those who work in content,'cause they're, typically, maybe a little bit lower on the Totem Pole,they've shared with me in private they're, like w kind of concern like ifthings get bad, my job's going to go ling, no you're in a really good placeright now being in constent, because you are the conduat to which you couldcommunicate confidence, you can communicate clearity and that's whatpeople are looking for in this time of crisis and confusion right, yeah, ahundred percent o hundred percent actualy. I just had this conversationwith he writer yesterday Um. He writes for forbs, and you know a few other bigpublications. We were just having this conversation's like dude right now takeas much freelance work as you can. I take as much as you I mean this isright now for you to RACP up as much cash as possible. Everybody needscontentry now and I think even amiss like this whole Padamic, like a lot ofpublications, I'm even getting these emails from. You know, editors that Iknow unior editors, that I know that are reaching out like hey. Can youplease send me something that is not corona, viris related, but anything Di.Send me any sort of consent. You Hae, that's not pron a virus related. Ourreaders are asking for stuff like that. It just, and I think that Kinda goes. Iwas listening to a doctor Phil, you know his in home thing or whatever, andhe was basically saying he's like listen. You have to think about themental health aspect. This is a Lazang on people right and a lot of people. Imean we, I work from home right, and so I I understand what it's like all thetime, but for somebody who's now in total isolation right. This takes atoll on you and then even the concept of like. What's next, this takes sotoll on your mental health, and we never really talk about these thingsand so like, like I think about how this all can can canplay together, like marketers, really need to take the takethis time right now to get as much content in front of people as possible,letting them know that things are Ok and there's other things to talk about.Other than just what's going on in a happy contect righ. Yes, yes, becauseyou know, people are looking for help and hope. You know people be the Rockin the Sea of chaos that someone can cling to be the light of clarity to tot to create a path Ford out of his darkness. We just had this conversationM with amy mgra tropical financial, this this idea of like mental health. There are seven stages of grief thatpeople are literally having to work through in this massive change ofenvironment, so anything that we can do to provide clarity to provideconfidence to help build someone's courage. It can't be all doom and gloom.I've even told financial brands look pull off the corona virus like thelittle like the news image of the virus N on their cove nineteen page, becausethat sparks subconsciously, like F,... you're subcontious, communicating,fear right like little, no luances yeah a hundred percent like things like that,you know, and I I think this kindo goes into like the like what sits and aresubconscious. When we see things like that, whike you start depend and, andtruth be told, and a lot of people think this affects one certain type ofdemographic or psychographic. The truth is it doesn't matter how much money youhave if you have your irs cat er, you know your Othiris Tacke every year youknow I mean you're Youre, a total investor, you're playing the market, itdoesn't matter, it still affects you. T it'll sit in the back of your head andit'll linger and that ferious AIRSO. I think the goal needs to be like. Let'stalk about something not to discredit it right, not to put it off, because itis what it is. It's here, bu give users like an a mental outgrating,give them that opportunity like before we had tablets and all these computersand stuff like that, where you'd have to go through a book and read a bookand actually you know, get out of this world so to speak. Injo. We need to dothat. We need to bring that to users and I think, like users will appreciateit. I did a post recently. That said, right now, as the time where you get tosee what brands that might think you want to use in the future Rit howgrants behave now is going to determine how their users go back to using themor even use them in the future. Man Like this whole theme of concent 'cause content, the what I teach iscontent is the fuel of the digital growth engine. That's what gets thegears turning, whether it be on the Adfront, whether it be on the website,whether it be in marketing automation, workflows, whether it Bein cells andservice enablement content is the fuel that turns these gears and with people.Looking for help to use your point if people are looking for and out, I loveyour analogy of like the of books, one of the things that I think is verypractical, and I've made this recommendation in a strategic coachingsession that I did a couple of days ago. facebook social media set something uplike an event and then set up use. NETFLIX party. Have you seen NutflixParty gsh Ye Youre now in it? Yet that's it because you're truly gettingpeople to, I know, you're a big deadpool fan. I know you love like thecomics and the movies, but if we can build like these microcommunitiesdigitally in this time of isolation were human beings, we thrive to cometogether as as people as a community, so Netflix partyis one, I think, evenlike m a financial brand promot promote local business. Do like cash mobs likedigital cash, mobs. That's a great idea! Actually any anyof my clients here that for local businesses definitely do that. That's agreat pr PR approach, Um having some of your local. You know credit unions forbranches, do that like in some way shape or form help promote the localbusinesses through sociamedia I mean it's hugion and unfortunately, at alocal level. That's where you see a lot...

...of like you know, credit creditis do alittle bit better job, but bhanks typically cocus more on the nationallevel, at least from a search perspective, and so that's a great idea.Yeah for for local branches, yeah, an Y. U Kn w one of the things that what we're seeing is is the need tomove quickly the need to adapt the need to evolve, not only our actions, because whatprecedes actions is our thoughts. What, from your perspective, canfinancial brands do to not get stuck, but to use this almost as the need we gotta get moving on on onthis digital strategy, piece cause someare like Di Toing, their water m,not so much. But what do you think? How can they move more quickly? At a timelike this, I would say so. One of the things, especially I see it like's big with financial brandes petially at an enterprise level, isthere's so many layers to Geti something out the BR, the the pretdingunions, I think and it'sit's interesting, because I I do. I eventalk about this with like the big national brands, but a lot of smallercredit unions can actually take search away like share a voice away from thesebiggagrams, because they're, more agile Y, when you think of like you, knowthese, these priings that are doing really L S I'm in Flore. So I know of abunch of them near N, Florida or a few and here for they do well, but it'sbecause they're Agil, when you think wn when you're at a very you know,enterprise o an you, have all these layers to get through stuff. At somepoint, you have to start chopping layers if you're going to want to bethis like demand, readig and so like. I think, I'm not going to say that this is ablessing in disguise. You know, having you know a Pendanic, but a lot ofgrants right now. This is the perfect time to test an agile strategy, becauseit's like you need to be as agile as possible right now, with everythingwith your social media responses. With your you know, somebody writs a reviewon you. You need to comment back like just across the entire board being asagile as possible. Now is the time to do it and now's the time to put it indpractice. If, if, if right now, you you had previously a brand managerapproving all of C content and legal compliances like like, does it reallyhave to to roll that way? Right yeah, I mean like, let's, like a reallypractical example, something that I saw come across my feet of of a brand, notin financial services being agile, but it's one of the world's biggest brandsto where they change their brand. They have transformed their brand for thetime being and that's McDonalds. Have you seen what they've done with theGolden Arches Micky Bees yeahthat as they've separated the Golden Arches torepresent social distance sing and what better way to be... be aware and then to be able to takeaction? 'CAUSE 'cause, when you look at Agile, I I break this down to like fourcomponents: Plan Produce, promote, perform and doing that on a thirty daycycle and then learning and then applying that, but where to your point,they get all these layers fear failure th. That might be what holds peopleback Um and I think there's got to be some type of Lee way of of dynamics.Yes, yeah a hundred percent, and it's interesting so when you go, I thinkthey do well at the planning sage right. That's where there's not as many layersthere. If you will, especially when you're working with an agency like us,you know w we holt there, but then, when you look at performance and e,just you know, generally speaking a lot of things don't get put out and testedjust because of how long and by the time that that things get pushed outand tested you've already missed it right Wek, you can literally followrouble trends. It's free any any of us, can all follow. Google trens, even ifyou're, not a search, marketer and you're, just a business owner or smallbusiness owner, you can follow. Google trancits, absolutely free and you caldsee what's going on on, what's training Rah now and it's crazy, but you canleverige like I assume. If I just I don't know I was, I was a Plumbe, a local plumber. I wouldfigure out away to look at Google trends and then figure out how I cantit in any sort of what I do into what' trending, because it's that easy to bepicked up and people think it's Ashuge rocket science and it really isn't. Itis so quick to get picked up and become treiding people. Do it all the timesuper easily just by watching Google tracks yeah. So it's about listening,it's about learning and it's about applying that learning, Han n Yep andthat's where, like I look at like the digital growth operating environments,there's four of them! There's there's, there's, learn, there's thinking,there's doing and then there's reviewing you mention that they're goodin the planning. I would actually maybe push back a little bit on that wher. Ifeel like financial brains to a great job is in the execution, the doing 'cause, that's where they get stuckright like and they get heads down and they don't get heads up and then theythen the world, the environment changes so quickly. So it's really aboutcreating space and time and making it a habit making it a habit. So it's newlike new new thought process Ha that have to be created through this. Youknow one of the things that that I saw and we were published together on thisin an article for the financial brand, which we were supposed to both bespeaking there. This year, WWe sill will wehowfully Linos Otas, Ipushd back, and I'm really looking forward to that, but is what's going on. 'cause you'vementioned content. You keep coming back to this ide of consin an and we're likeminds on this, because the ad game is changing so quickly. It has changed soquickly. I've been frustrated for financial brands, who are like throwingmillions of dollars away and then able... even quantify. So let's talk aboutthe changing ad game, particularly with what's coming in o twenty twenty twowith Google and chrome and and limiting of third party third party pixels yeah. I think that Um, so this is this is trickor because,obviously, like I from the Marketer's perspective, I'm like I want as manycookies as possible as like I want I wanta. I want to have you cookiet up,so I could know every thing about your whole life and then son right, it's sofunny. 'cause people like Oh, my phone is listening to me. If I could do thatas a marketer, I promise you. I would do that right now, as a user, on the other hand andunderstanding you know, security and privacy, I understand the concerntsbehind I mean and I'm sure, if anybody you know reads any of the articles thatI put out or you know where I've been proded. People know that I amdefinitely I go against the grain with Google quite a bit, and that's becauseI mean I've been doing this for some time and I've realized. You know howmuch Ogle says one thing, and it's completely doing something else. Ithink you know getting back to this whole concept. Ther content idea iscontent having having these wall gardens. If you will, when you're ableto have relationships with several sites rate, where you can offer freecontent and exchange content and have these you know quonoca partnershipswith be sites you're still able to leverage. If you will some of this likewell garden concept, great corm content in general is, is I mean it's a bigwagage in googles out where them contin has always been kang. I get asked,maybe on o too twice a month from you know, meetings what's new and googles,awber them and everybody's, always looking for the secret sauce and thegolding boos and, like you know, the nexbest Inion sicespread content hasn'tchanged. Hontin has always been king. Relevant content has always been kng.Quality constienent has always been king. It just hasn't changed. I thinkthat you one help yourself from a search perspective, but too goingseeing how Google has been going not just recently meaning the past year orso with you know, Wall Gardens, but just with everything how like, if youhave a paywalle content site, you use your rankings. I have a on study onthat that I'm working onright now B, actually one of the largest financialpublication in the United States, if not Madee, even globally as a client ofours and they implemented paywall contact taint verial linking Y, that'scrazy to me, like that. That' OMG butgooge will do the exact same thing:tat, Google's plan teter ultimate Gol, yes, and it's like as a marketer. Youhave to think to yourself. How do you future proof? You know like? How do youmake yourself where it it's evergreen and I think, like you, have to put in astrategy in like now in place where you reach out to all these affiliates thatyou have n you rechild too. Even people who you think won't couldn't possiblybe an affilia to an a partner and offer some sort of content exchange. This wayyou can get yourself in some sort of...

...worldguard. Technology has transformed our world,and digital has changed the way consumers shot for and buy financialservices forever. Now consumers make purchase decisions long before theywalk into a branch if they walk into a branch at all, but your financial brandstill wants to grow loans and deposits. We get it. Digital growh can feelconfusing, frustrating and overwhelming for any financial brand marketing ansales leader, but it doesn't have to because James Robert wrote the bookthat guides you every step of the way along your digital growth journey visit.WWW do digital growth dotcom to get a preview of his best selling bookbanking on digital growth, or order a copy right now for you, and your teamfrom Amazon inside you'll find a strategic marketing manifesto that waswritten to transform financial brands and it is packed full of practicalamprovent insights. You can start using today to confidently generate ten timesmore loans and deposits now back to the show. So what your? What you're referencingis a lot of what I teach and that is transforming the marketing team tostart thinking more, like a media publication, a media organization, UNless like a traditional, for God, Sake, the Um. You know I'm kids that play withpainting crayons. You know I'm a glorified inhouse kincoes, no re e'E,we're a media organization and we have a strategy to produce not only produce'cause. That's only what half of the equation, but then to effectivelypromote the content that we produce right, yeah, a hundred percent yeah andthat gets into off page C, O Sur. You know it's not about what you say aboutyourself. You can talk the world about yourself, you can say you're the latestand greatest and the best thing, but it's what others are are saying aboutyou, but yeah. You definitely want to take that approach. Yeah that Youarereferencing. Let me let me ask you, you know W we're talking about contantproduction. Is there a recommendation to the amountof content? A financial brand should consider producing, on a monthly basisfor relevancy, for ranking anything from your research that you've lookedat there. So every there there is no cooking cutter solution. I knoweverybody looks for it, especially like we'll get into meetings and everyone's,like you know. How many words should I write like? What's the good yo w a goodamount of words, I should be read or how many you know, content peces.Should I produce a mon, it's really based on competition, rape who you'recompeting again. So if, if you're like many of these financial brands andyou're competing against an aggregator like Nerdealle, by the way we we all built and by weealI mean all the brands who decided like im not going to create contact, that'sa dumb idea: You'd never make money off a creeding concence like well. Now youhave Nerlo right and roin out, Paner...

...all t a fee for all those referralbusiness. I think that if you're competingagainst somebody like a nerd wallet, especially if you're a smallerinstitution, I would say, try to think of a different. You know contentstrategy and angle, Defaa different ANGL, exactly m both from a topicperspective, but also from a quantity perspective. It Os so difficult tocompete. I'll tell you like 'cause 'cause, here's the opportunity that Isee 'cause, you got the big players and, if I'm a smaller like local institution,that's the opportunity is to try to focus more locally number one andnumber two. I kind have given just 'cause people like well. Can you justgive me some guidance like look three to five thousand words per month? Let'sjust kind of get that as a Frit's almost like you go to the gym and you're askingwe'll just give me some reps to do. Okay, herhere! Do these thirty minutes on the treadmill fifteenminutes on the stair stepper, just to at least kind o get started ants to getkind of, create that habit, but then wh n, when you start saying well three tofive thousand words for month, I see the look of like fear come across theirface. How are we going to do very ansers,free, lancers, there's content going back, Toyou know talking aboutearlierds. It's there's so many writers that work remote, Mommi, blograpersright, they're tenwell like target these people like send them ine he'llfind them oney box under. Do you know, Senert him to find a Dady Bogor, sendhim an email right? ASK THEM HEY! Look we'll pay you, whatever fifty bucks, apiece straight or something like that. If you're, you know smaller you'reCeyfi, whatever it is, whatever the fee is higher freelancers to create thiscontent for you and then, as far as like, if if you were looking for that,like where's a good place to start, like you were saying in building ahabit, do press releases do make me start off with two press releases amonth right. Just get some content out there to mark end. Get Your Nam, noandcover that whatever that niche. Is that angle that you're, you know you'relooking at cover that won't compete with the bigger sites find whateverthat angle is and then, and then you know, put up put some contientstogether and then put a precs release out as far as Consin on your sigt. Soif I were dealing with, if I were speaking to Someonybad, like let's saytropical financial rate, I would say put together several content calendars,one concent calendar that talks about your on page content, right things likebla kind of content. I can go out in you know: Email blasts that can go outon your social media that you could use for remarketing and C cant an set thefoundation on your website ecause, that's critical, but then createsupporting content for that content right and then push that out as well.Through pressure. He says you could find a press release. Now I meanthey're Dirt Co. These tays they're, like a hundred and forty nine dollars,raht for a single pressurase that single presstruleas can generate a lotof of Buz for you, local bus, national buzz. You can have other editorsfinding in and say e like that. Can you...

...write this piece for me? I mean there'sa lot. You can be doing rightnow. You know Y. I really like, where you're comingtothe angle that you're attacking this problem with you know: freelancers,there's a gentleman by the name of Philip Taylor or PT Taylor, and he hasa platform called tin, Kon and there's even a fin con market place that youcan go and find people who are already creating these microbrandsmicroinfluence or brands around like things like personal finance. That Iknow would love to create content and be able to expand that transfer theirknowledge, and I think that's the key. Like we're w. We were in the serviceeconomy. We've moved into the experience economy, my prediction as wecontinue down this path, we're going to be moving into either th e, the knowledge economy orwhat I would call the expert economy and that's where, like consent, can beplayed to position yourself as the expert within the communities offinancial brand serves. When we look at there's a lot ofopportunity to create, there's a lot of opportunity to capture what should afinancial brand on the flipside be aware of, of not getting distracted,there's a lot of bright shiny objects and I think we're on the same page withthis one as well voice search hype or help that's a hype that is all hi. It'sBeenit's been making its way. It's been, making its rounds N in in the inucytrades, like that's the next big thing and I'm white there with youbrolike Iget into so many meeting, Ames where it's like. You know once again these outer themeetings where everybody wants to know, especially when you get you know SDPlevel. What's the next, you know what's the thing we need to be looking outwith the future and no shots by the way, my friends, whereas webs a t thesebrands, but but it's one of those things that, like it's like anthevoxright when answerbox came out, verybody's like push it hard. Lookthese clickedrat Ar Massov your your Litte Isnin, O Col, zero yeah you're upthe top right everyone's going to see you or whatever- and I remember Um, soactually one of my mentors and somebody I mean I look up since the beginning oftime. I'm ranfishe in he you know mad is Gep. He used to run the showover there. Now he you know h. So as on't thing, it's sparkd Toro, but justan amazing guy he's totally like against the grain. He will tell it howit is kind of person, I'm just an amazing ibut. He came out, on wit, somedata, but I remember B in these meanins the sane guys. Maybe we shouldn'treally focus on on answerbox right because think about it like at leastwhen I've seen it. I don't quick it. I see. I I get my answer. If I don't getmy Antri scurl down, I research what I'm looking for right, I'm not actuallyclicking it and so ram. Did this study and he found out the exact same thingand then even you know that that challenged us to go and look at clientdata and we found out that they...

...actually convert lower. Having thatanswer boxrersult, do they get more visibiliity, I mean sure yeah they'regoing to get. You know, they're listical right they're, going to gowhatever their Hel too is but they're, not ultimately that doesn't PA anygill.No hea doesn't generate any money for anybody oonand, so it actually hurts usin Googles, hole goal- and I I've been put it on this before, but pople's holerols to keep you on. Google. That's where they make money exactly at is notto send you away from Google and Sommany Times. I have spoken atconferences or an meetings or speaking with other se. Os Training them ther,consnonthis idea like Doogle, is for helping you out. Google is not forhelping you out, Hoogle is for helping Google out, they want you to stay ontheir platform and that's how they generate my it's so funny to hear yousay that, because I bust my wife on this all the time when I'm seeing hersearch something and she collects you w, even if it's like a branded search termand then she'll click on the top that first Lik, I'm like you just cost themlike ten dollars. Don't do that, go to the first organic search term and- andI can't tell you like even like wath branded search like how much money isthrown away just because I it makes it makes Google money, and especiallythese days, Oh yeah, in twenty twenty, like let's say, go back seven or tenyears. Let's go back a decade, I did '. Have these issues with clients tenyears ago addicted. I was not seeing. People compete like I did not see. Tankof America compete with chase for their own terms like that was not a at now.You have big rands, I chase hey. I mean I'm not going to go o Budch, but pmoney we suggest to rink for their mat MHM. How is that fair? That waesn'teven make sense at should not be a think bike. Why is it a thing?There'smakesit cause? Google wins Google's the onlywinter and it's like a zero some game at that point, and I like what you'resaying about rand like when everyone is doing like and I'm the same way likeI'm a contrain when everyone's going down that path, I'm like well, that'stoo many people. Let's go down t this path and, let's just see what's there, there might be something there mightnot be just my inquisitive nature. So man, this is thit's, been such a funconversation Michael Seriously. She appreciates the time and, and you dropand drop in some knowledge and Shanne some insides. Let's look ahead twoyears into the future, a bigger, better, brighter feture for us all. What is onething that you feel needs to happen for financial brands between now and thenfor financial brands to continue to make progress along their digitalgrowth journey? So this is going to be a little bit, so I know I'm going to Piss a lot ofpeople off wit, saying this, but um it's sticking to the foundations, a lotof branall looking for these different,... angles, if you will to take andlike you know these next golden nooses and they completely go off foundationalstuff, and the only thing I could think of right is when you look at a martialart right when you look at something like you know, parade or type window orany martial rate of jgitu wrestling. I remember my wrestling coach, both inmiddle school and high school, both coaches actually telling mespecifically coach philops, my high school resten Croach, telling melearnhes beset of moves become the best that these moves and drill them overand over and dril them. So much that whenever something happens, it willautomatically triger Mak of a habit Magni to make them have it exactly and-and it's so funny, because even till this day Brad- and I have a backgroundon and a few different disciplines byt even till they dat my wrestling.Somebody goes like my son right go SA. You know grab me and I have certainreactions that are just automatic rigor. Certain training that I've had. Youknow w t firearms training where certain things just are automatic,'cause you've done it so much there're, O ovagational exactly, and so we needto get back if a brince really want to be ever tore for real everybra. Notjust this, you know conceptually, you know the good concept of beingevergreen, but really the evergreen is go back to what the foundation is so wen you think of an algarita right. Everything revolves on two things: thetwo biggest things is going to be useour experience rate your website sohaving a functional website that performs well. These days obviouslyneeds to be fast enough or Mobil Teviceis rate, but then the biggest theabsolute biggest thing is your contact this having all the content in place.That's the foundation, but like people talk about, let's build Lens Rat, hearthat all the time and it's funny because I spent a large portion of mycurres o black head SC, O seling links, hypathetically speaking, seling liesright, Wewe all have a questionable, pastexaggeat and so- and I rememberlike being approached Aninto the sasontimes I'm approached with likelet's filld back legs. How do I dare more leks O on links right all theselink things an IT's money? 'cause I make so much money S, hypotheticallyselling, wins at one point and then goobvous, a Google Pina ise everybody,but you know for that topic, but you don't build links to pages thatdon't exist rigt. If you don't have content, that's talking about how tosave money. Traveling for your travel rewards card or Hada. You know Um tipsto saving for vacations. If you don't have that content, nobody wants to linkback to yourselves and marketing pages. That's right! People don't want that.Stop trying to marry people before you court that right so getting back to thefoundation and building content is going to be key man like what a greatway to like brap this up in a bow,...

...because we see as we're moving intothis Cobi nineteen financial health crisis. A lot of people are going to beaffected, but what does not change is this money has been stressful. Money isstressful and money will continue to be stressful, regardless of theenvironment that we're in and is our job as financial brands, to reduce thestress to provide a help and hope and then to provide a clear path forward toa bigger, better brighter future and the way that we start to do that isthrough the content that we produced. We promote an ultimately you know date,court before you ask for that hand in marriage, because this is it takes timefor someone to make the right decision so, very, very good stuff. How cansomeone get in touch with you if they have aditional questions? Oy just wantto connect and say hello, Michael Lince is the BA the best place, there's a fewMICHRO Brortinis, but um the Google Ninja. So that's e, fineNLINCON and then I, as far as getting touch to be an email. The right Quanitishow Michael Doportini, a like quanty, dtcom and yeah, either of those place.I know some people look switter, I'm also on ther Burtini with two eyes. Atthe end, a D Y we'll get all that linked up in the show nd. It's Michael,Hey, thanks for joining me, nanother great episode of banking on DigitalGrowh, thanks Michael Yeah, thanks for having me until next time be well, dogood and Wach your hands. Thank you for listening to anotherepisode of banking on digital growth with James Robert Lay like what youhear tell a friend about the podcast and leave us a review on apple podcast,Google, podcast or spotify, and subscribe, while you're there to geteven more practical, improvent insights. Is it w ww Don digital growth docom tograb a preview of James Roberts, best selling book banking on digital growth,or order a copy right? Now, for you and your team from Amazon inside you'llfind a strategic marketing and sales blueprint framed around twelve keyareas of focus that empower you to confidently generate ten times moreloans and deposits until next time be well and do good.

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