Banking on Digital Growth
Banking on Digital Growth

Episode · 1 year ago

11) #ExponentialInsights: If You Weren’t Already Thinking About Mindstates, You Should Now w/ Will Leach


Financial brands tend to try to appeal to logic in their marketing. 

I get it, money is a huge practical concern, so it makes sense.

But in reality, there is nothing more emotional. If your marketing doesn’t consider that, then you need to learn more about mindstates.

And there’s no better teacher than my latest guest, Will Leach, CEO of TriggerPoint Design, a behavioral research and design consultancy. 

His book, “Marketing to Mindstates,” lays out the case for why you need to apply behavior design to research and marketing if you want to thrive in today’s complex world. 

Will went over:

-Why today’s marketing landscape is all about context

-How mindstates have shifted under COVID-19

-How financial brands can directly employ mindstates in their strategy

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